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Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick

However they try to conceal and contain their passions puck and oberon Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick their faults because of … Read more. Due to … Read more. Related Topics. The next connection between Macbeth and Satan is with each of their characters before they fell. Lewis Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick Screwtape Letters' Many view Satan as an abstract concept, but what is Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick realized is that Satan is real and that he wants our human souls.

The Enduring Power of Moby-Dick with Nathaniel Philbrick

Because this causes hate inside of Ahab, Ahab is determined to take out this hatred on the whale. In Shakespeare's play Macbeth, the main protagonist Macbeth seeks a kingly title, but does so in such a way that suggests his fatal and seemingly cruel ambition derives from inherent evilness shown through his callousness despite his reputation. Comparatively, the modern day example of ambition gone wrong resides in the infamous Aaron Hernandez. The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a novel that tells the story of Hester Prynne, who commits adultery on her husband, Roger Chillingworth, with the reverend of the town, Arthur Dimmesdale.

This causes Chillingworth to allow evil to grow within him. Likewise, in another American gothic novel, Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville, the captain of the whaling ship, The Pequod, becomes evil after the whale named Moby Dick bites his leg off. Roger Chillingworth and Captain Ahab are both evil characters with many similarities in the way they allow evil to manifest within them. What starts this evil within these two characters is the fact that both of them have a feeling of absence in their manliness after suffering these unfortunate. Another character from the American classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville- Captain Ahab- can be contrasted, as he is an example of evil that does not exactly appear in the same ways.

Roger Chillingworth and Captain Ahab are both evil characters with many differences such as their motives, degrees of harm done, and views on religion. A prominent difference in the two characters is the difference in motive. In The Scarlet Letter, Chillingworth is attempting to avenge his wife by slowly poisoning the man whom she committed adultery with. In Candide, irony occurs as the clergy, the Inquisitor, executes citizens for opposing philosophical views. In addition, The Pope, a renowned religious leader, has a daughter despite his religious vows of celibacy. Voltaire uses this irony to ridicule the hypocrisy and corruption he viewed in the church.

Bray's also uses irony in which Taylor added a superficial statement during prayer for safety. However, Iago planted this item on Cassio, which caused Othello to become infuriated with Desdemona once he found out that it was not in her possession. He progressively gets angrier with Desdemona and he eventually ended up killing her due to his intense jealousy. Both of these characters act in a way that is portrayed as evil and can be compared because of their similarity. One particular even where he is obviously portrayed as evil is when he tricks the townspeople into thinking he is merely a physician caring for an ill priest, Arthur Dimmesdale. Evil can be seen in Chillingworth when he obviously makes his revenge on Dimmesdale a life goal. Chillingworth insists that he must stay with him to ensure that Dimmesdale gets better, and Chillingworth staying with the priest would guarantee the relentless torment of Dimmesdale to be nonstop.

It is also believed, but not specifically explained, …show more content… Like Chillingworth, he made his cre believe he was a good person, and not an insane revenge-driven whaler. Odysseus men end up eating some of the cattle. Since Odysseus played no part in the eating of the sacred cattle, the gods rage by killing all of his men, sparing only Odysseus. Another example of this is when Odysseus and his men were traveling and they met Scylla and Charybdis. Zeus orders a big storm to Odysseus men. The storm kills his men and destroys their ship. Orcas with different backgrounds and dialects are placed together without much thought about how this could affect them.

A killer whale named Tilikum was placed in Sealand and he was expected to perform tricks that he had never done, and if he performed them incorrectly all of the whales were withheld food. In the wild, when a dominant orca begins showing aggression the other orca has thousands of miles to swim away and flee the scene. However, these animals are in pools where they do not have that option. Moby Dick by Herman Melville is about Ishmael and his journey on a whaling ship and an obsessive captain, captain Ahab, who only wants revenge on the whale that took his leg, Moby Dick. Roger Chillingworth and Captain Ahab are both evil characters with many similarities. Roger Chillingworth is obsessed with Arthur Dimmesdale, the father father of pearl.

Chillingworth goes to Arthur Dimmesdale and tells him he can help him with his sickness. Roger Chillingworth said that once he saw the chest of pearls father he would know who it was. One night when Arthur was sick he opened his shirt and knew he was the father. Chillingworth …show more content… As the whaling ship, the Pequod , sets sail. When they finally see him he makes the three harpooners and his three mates take a blood oath to killing Moby Dick. After a few months of being on the journey they see the white whale and go after him. After hours of hunting him it becomes dark and Ahab is still going after him while all the crew is trying to get him to give up.

As the journey goes on the crew ends up in the freezing waters of the Arctic, because Captain Ahab insists on chasing the Moby Dick. By this point, the barrels that stored the oil are rotted and all the oil they collected is now wasted. They finally see Moby Dick and Captain Ahab kills himself and all the crew while trying to kill the white whale. Captain Ahab was a selfish obsessed man who only looked out for. Show More. Read More.

Pearl Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick different Hofstede: Human Interaction And Culture corresponding to the Personal Narrative: My Confirmation In The Catholic Church or suspense in the story. Macbeth 's avarice leads him to predetermine more and more Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick gluttonies. Two hundred years ago, the church was the center of life in many New England towns. In turn, man is reciprocally evil toward nature; the men destroy the Comparing Evil In The Scarlet Letter And Moby-Dick sea creatures for their blubber and drop the stripped carcasses back into the water.

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