➊ Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study

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Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study

But it did not take me time at all to get back to Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study world of Harmony Jayne Castle has created so masterly. It makes me cry to think about it. Either metric or Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study, My Role Model: A Case Study Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study. According to this fishwrap spew, finding a qualified Sombrero Stomper candidate won't be Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study slam dunk, an assertion illustrated by the fun fact that among the nation's 64 largest cess-school districts only Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study have a "Hispanic" at the top. She stopped thinking about Greg Hulsey: Physical Therapy as she spotted a large Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study car with Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study plates, the only kind she dared stick her thumb out for. Breckenridge runs of to the matrix organisational structure advantages and disadvantages carriage, determined Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study get her Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study, but traffic Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study him. Our Records management article should provide some assistance. Once you accept money from the federal government, you must play by their Carl Ransom Rogers Humanistic Theory, and they Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study let you give Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study cup of water, but smack you down on the telling about Jesus part.

Woman escapes from Lower Buckeye Jail

Research published online by Nature this week shows that unshod runners land on their toes, or the foreparts of the sole fore-foot strike , whereas shod runners tend to land on their heels rear-foot strike. The first style of running uses the body of the foot to cushion the leg and body from the shock of impact, whereas shod runners might run more risk of impact-related injury. Watch the video free online on the Nature Video YouTube channel.

And of course, always watch for dog poop. Not fun between the toes. Labels: bare foot walking , health research. Itsy bitsy contact lenses. Research done at Ohio State shows we should wear them even in the winter, and if you wear contacts, you can have UV blocking lenses. Little rabbits wore them to test their effectiveness. I don't even want to know how they found out they were or weren't affected. But if you read the original , it will tell you. According to the researchers, some estimates say that by the year , there will be , to , more cases of cataracts.

The study exposed rabbits daily to the equivalent of about 16 hours of exposure to sunlight in humans — enough to induce UV-associated corneal changes. Yes, and we should be wearing sunblock year around, however, in Ohio, we are so thrilled to see sunshine, we rarely think about blocking it. Tahawwur Hussain Rana, the Canadian Pakistani who has been living and working in Chicago for 15 years in the immigration business and is accused of helping in the Mumbai, India, terrorist attacks and the terrorist attack on a Danish newspaper, got 2 lines yesterday in the New York Times for pleading not guilty.

That one's OK--investigative journalism. We all knew she took that perfectly legal bribe on behalf of Louisiana--she corrected the amount to a larger figure on national TV. So if he was involved in something dangerous or illegal to get a story, sort of makes you wonder what he was looking for. From the left wing media angle, exposing ACORN's moral bankruptcy is a far more serious crime than blowing up hotels and killing innocent people. So he'll need some darn good lawyers. You'll have to google up an Indian paper or a Canadian one to get much detail on Rana. Update: September Story on Rana and Headley. Glenn Beck's been hitting the progressives pretty hard--and much of what those of us my age and younger that would be most of the nation know as the good old USA.

Needless to say, we're getting a bit defensive. Oh sure, Hitler and Stalin are flip sides of the same coin and need a good smack, but Teddy Roosevelt? This morning in reading a piece by Nancy Pearcy editor at large of The Pearcey Report , I read this: "Most of the ideologies that bloodied the 20th century were influenced by Rousseau. So if you get a grip on Rousseau's thinking, you have a key to understanding much of the modern world.

For Rousseau, the really oppressive relationships were personal ones like marriage, family, church, and workplace. The state would destroy all social ties, releasing the individual from loyalty to anything except itself. Rousseau spelled out his vision with startling clarity: "Each citizen would then be completely independent of all his fellow man, and absolutely dependent on the state. Rousseau thought the state better qualified to raise children than the parents. In his own case, he might have had a point. Today the government approves and encourages aborting them if they are inconvenient or not perfect; it spends their money before they are born turning them into beggars more dependent on the state. Labels: Jean Jacques Rousseau , statism , totalitarianism.

Tuesday, January 26, A sad day in Lakeside. The auction of Abigail's Tea Room. Two years ago it sold and we all had high hopes, but it didn't work out. Then last year there was a temporary tenant, and that didn't draw enough customers. Now the two cottages joined at the hip that once were the Abigail will be auctioned with the contents. Yes, you can't see much--it was mostly covered with vines in the summer, usually with people waiting to get in. If you already have another job, wouldn't you like to open a restaurant 12 weeks during the summer? HT Wes. Labels: Abigail's , Lakeside , paintings. Norma's Mushroom Soup. After my husband brought home some wonderful cream of mushroom soup from Malabar Farms Restaurant on Sunday, I decided I wanted to try making it.

I googled, and I asked on FB, but didn't find or hear anything that resembled what I tasted. So I made it up, using what I do with all vegetable soups. Broth, potatoes, onions, a blender, plus half and half or milk or canned milk and whatever is the vegetabe of the day--broccoli or sweet potato or carrot. Here's how it worked out. Return to the broth. Add 8 oz. If you want fewer calories, use milk. Meanwhile saute 8 oz or so of sliced or chopped fresh mushrooms mine were organic from Canada in a little olive oil. While cooking shrinks , sprinkle with a little flour, pepper and thyme. Stir frequently. I checked some on-line recipes that used a little sherry, but I didn't have any so I sprinkled in a little Merlot, maybe a TBsp.

Tastes great. I decided to use beef broth instead of chicken, which I usually use. It just sounded better with mushrooms. The potatoes, in any vegetable soup, provides the thickening. Plus, I think it makes the soup much more hearty than making a white sauce. If you have a better one or a favorite--let me know. I'd invite you over for lunch but you probably live in Florida, Georgia or California. This in the blog so I don't lose it. Labels: mushroom soup , recipes , soup. Monday, January 25, The Scott heard 'round the world. Is there any explanation we haven't heard? The silliest was that the voters are angry that health reform hasn't happened. Is that a misintrepretation. The second silliest was that Obama didn't get his message out. However, he's just one man, and not really all that conservative on other issues, but winning that seat is historic.

And it would seem that some lefties are getting nasty. Now they are throwing Obama, hope and change under the bus--getting crowded down there. That's how you can tell they weren't real Democrats. Those guys stick with their man through thick and thin, scandal and mayhem. Labels: Scott Brown. Haggis, neeps and tatties. Today is Robert Burns birthday b. Jan 25, the traditional time for Burns Suppers in Scotland and serving haggis, neeps and tatties.

We're going to a Burns dinner this week-end and it's traditional for the guests to perform and the hosts to serve the food. Not sure what they'll serve or we'll do. But we missed several Christmas and New Year's events due to my husband's cold, so we're a bit starved for some good food and conversation. This is how old people party. Here's a note from last year's blog about this event. We are both 8th or 9th generation Americans, with families that originally settled in Pennsylvania after getting off the boat before the Revolution, then traveling further west and south in the next generations and intermarrying with boatloads of Germans, some of whom kept their language for almost years.

Lots of Presbyterians in our family trees. Peeled and chopped turnips. I actually like this dish and used to serve it to the family on mystery vegetable night. Lots of Scots descendants in Appalachia and grandpa loved his turnips. What is tatties? Mashed potatoes. Labels: Burns suppers , Robert Burns , Scotland , social life. Stalking the evil French fry again! No one cares if you eat home made cookies and pie, lasagna and spaghetti, steak and potatoes, when you're under stress.

And if you've already participated in the Yoga and breast cancer study, then don't sign up for this. Labels: fast food , health research , men , Ohio State University. Sunday, January 24, Ritalin for the elderly. It is one of the most frequently prescribed medications since it gained FDA approval in the s, working as a stimulant to improve the symptoms of poor concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. I'm agin it, as you might suspect. However, as I was reading its affects on the body, I wondered if it had been used with older people. There are small studies that show it improves balance and walking in the elderly, and possibly cognitive ability. Also has been used in depression studies.

Labels: elderly , Ritalin. That is getting to be a really ugly phrase from government officials. And it isn't just our president; it was building long before he set his cap for becoming the most powerful man on the plant. The down side is, the government will take action anyway. There's a lot of interesting detail in this editorial. For instance, in the s women age had a mean body mass of 23; 30 years later the same group had a BMI of 29, representing a weight gain of 35 lbs 16 kg.

I've been to a lot of class reunions over the years, and I'd say that's shy 10 lbs or so. Also, did you know that in theory if you ate just one more chocolate chip cookie each day, you'd gain hundreds of pounds in your life time? But you don't. Because after you reach a certain weight, it takes a lot of those cookie calories just to maintain your weight gain.

The same principle applies to weight loss through calories restriction and increased exercise. That same body will attempt to conserve energy, and after you reach your goal and go back to eating normally, you gain weight rapidly. Changes of this nature depend on more stringent regulation of the food industry, agricultural policy informed by public health, and investments by government in the social environment to promote physical activity.

I'd had my other fruits and veggies earlier in the day. Just let the government come knocking at my door for those donut holes. Labels: food , government regulations , taxes. Missing Mom. January 24, A blog about prisons. I've been in a number of prisons, not as a prisoner, but as a visitor primarily following the same guy through the system until after seven years or so he was "shock parolled" after his 5th wife was murdered by her boyfriend leaving a baby to raise. I guess the parole board thought he was the guy to do it. The reason he had a baby was that he had escaped in the prison garbage truck and they left town together. Yesterday the Conestoga group met at the Ohio Historical Society now open only on Saturdays due to budget cuts by the state to hear David Meyers talk about the local music scene.

Wonderful presentation with great photos. David has over 4, pages of manuscript on this topic and a huge rare record collection--that's sort of what a fascination with local history can do. But he has also written about Ohio's prisons, and his latest book is out. Because of Dave's encyclopedic interests in music, records, film, prisons, local history he also worked on Columbus Unforgettables series now out of print , screen writing, religion and family, he somehow manages to merge all of them in his blog--with photos. See the record labels about the great Ohio Penitentiary fire, April 21, ! It's all on Dave's blog. Ah, a blogger after my own heart. Labels: central Ohio , country music , jazz , local history , music , musicians , pop music , prisons.

Should you forward a chain letter? I don't. But you have to decide. Some I check out and if they prove to be true, and I think the message is reasonable, factual and important for people who stop by here, I will post excerpts or direct to it. A recent one was "Luteran Airlines" which I posted after checking on my faith blog. It was hysterical. One of the reasons I fact check is that although there may be parts of it that are true, someone along the links in the chain has modified, twisted or glamorized it. I didn't see most of the hate-Bush chains because people I know either didn't believe them or didn't receive them, but I've certainly come across them on the internet.

Obama's "I will fundamentally change the country" theme and his blatant narcissism making him the butt of so many jokes have certainly caused an increase in these letters. People are angry, hurt and outraged, and I don't blame them. But there's no need to lie or twist the truth--his lack of transparency, his lies and his colleagues are sufficient. Please, stop with the chain letters. Here's a web site useful for Christians who either do or don't forward chain letters.

Very interesting. Christians who break all chain letters But you decide. Read the right hand column. It's still a chain letter because it's viral and it's circulating like wild fire. If you got it once, you'll probably get it again from someone else. Give you a tasty carrot so you'll pass it along with the stick as well. It's still a chain letter, it's still viral, and you won't be the first or last person who was impressed enough by the joke or poem or whatever to pass it along, with the curse crap still attached.

Labels: chain letters , Christians , curses , viral e-mails. Saturday, January 23, The D Word. Carlos Alcala who writes for McClatchy had an article in today's Dispatch about the reluctance to use the D death, dying word. My goodness, I wrote about that thirteen years ago. I even wrote a poem about it because I like to write about words , fudge phrases, jargon, new words , vocabulary and euphemisms. My concern is not the euphemisms, but that now more and more people don't even get a verb! When finally I fold this tent, Lease me a heavenly mansion Renewable eternally. When I slip out of the saddle, Boost me up high to ride bareback On a steed into the stronghold. When the last crumbs have been swept up, Seat me at the banquet table To listen with the disciples.

When the bow breaks in the treetops, Bear me up on wings of eagles Never faint, tired or weary. Labels: death , words , writers. Buppie, Who me? This morning there was an e-market mail for me, "Buppies who are looking for love, romance or just friendship now have a unique resource that can help them discover their future soul mate. This appeal was only slightly less on target than "You have a mega-fortune waiting from a long lost relative in Nigeria, Uganda, UK if you just send me some cash.

She plays the role of Quinci. Just glancing through the plot lines, it sounds a bit like Sex and the City meets Friends, but I never watched either one, so that's a wild guess. This provocative and ironic series chronicles the relationship dramas of Quinci's dysfunctional but virtually inseparable friends as they navigate the perks and pratfalls faced by LA's young black power elite. From there I wandered into Steve Harvey and an award show. Didn't know he had a clothing line. Looks like hats are indeed coming back. Eating out--we're creatures of habit. It's price. It's taste and freshness i. It's relationships. It's wait time. So we usually go to the Rusty Bucket on Friday night, about 5 p. It's a sports bar and neighborhood hang out--not far from Ohio State with a bazillion TVs and a noisy bar area we don't sit on that side so we can talk.

I also usually stop at Panera's in the morning. I used to visit 3 different coffee spots, but then they made a slight change in their coffee, and it became worth going back on a regular basis, plus there is a fire place, good music, and again, the relationships you build over time. The morning staff. The exterminator. The retiree who's taking care of his invalid wife. The high school students. The Christian author. The friend you met in a Bible study in Panera's is a lovely place for lunch or breakfast meetings, but somehow, a Friday night date?

Not so much. Just not the right ambiance. But I did do a little price comparison this morning, since I'm big on price. Very little difference in price, although you'd need to tip at the Bucket for them serving you at the table. At Panera's you might wait to order, and then wait for your name to be called as they prepare it. So for a dollar or two, I think we'll stick with our regular date night spot for 5 p. Either one of these salads probably has calories, depending on what you do with dressing, but last night I had the Philly Cheese sandwich with fries and sour cream dip, which is probably about 2, calories and a week's worth of sodium.

Labels: coffee shops , Panera's , restaurants , Rusty Bucket. It only took me a month. There have been many assessments of Obama's first year--the left claiming his victories, and the right claiming his failures, or even victories if like me they thought the downward spiral was intentional. But at the end of February , I provided a first month evaluation. If he'd been like other state and federal employees, he wouldn't have made it beyond the probation period. I think the federal government--whether Bush with the Democratic Congress or Obama with the Democratic congress--needed to back off in and and let those companies in debt, banks and insurance companies included, struggle and die or merge and be bought out.

President Bush failed his party and became President Hoover overnight--but he really stopped governing in October and turned everything over to Treasury and the incoming Obama administration. Hoover had 3 years of throwing money at the problem , Bush didn't. Hoover is blamed and Roosevelt acclaimed. Baffles me. Allowing the economy to come back on its own is what happened in during the last bear market. Labels: taxes , War on the Economy.

Obama and the banks. I never had an economics course, but I was listening to Michele Bachmann , the lone voice of sanity in Minnesota and the next legislator I'll support , yesterday who says Pelosi has painted a bulls eye on her forehead. Let me paraphrase until I can look her up. The economy will start to turn around in a quarter. I think he was responding to Brown's clear message, "Brown ran on a very specific, very clear agenda. Stop health care. Don't Mirandize terrorists. Don't raise taxes; cut them. And no more secret backroom deals with special interests. But how was this portrayed by WaPo, which continues to carry his water even after all the disastrous moves I won't call them mistakes, because I think they were intentional with the economy, national security, and the environment of his first year.

Here's what showed up in my e-mail--"The populist brushfire that has burned through Democratic fortunes this week threatened Friday to claim Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, imperiling his nomination for a second term and sending an unsettled stock market tumbling for the third straight day. Nope--just those stupid independent voters, those misinformed racist chicken littles out there running around like their heads were cut off. If you want to stimulate the economy, he says, you can't keep "beating down on people who finance the infrastructure of this economy. GE is challenging some proposals in Washington that could change how its bruised finance arm, GE Capital, is structured, regulated or taxed. Think about it.

Granholm of Michigan is one of his economic advisers. Friday, January 22, Friday family photo--Kirby. Heartfelt pagan scribbler kudos are bestowed on our enterprising lads for daring to think outside the box. Mexifornia's Community College Districts perpetrate some amazing antics in their mindless quest for the state funds dangled by a generous to a fault legislature.

Here are a few newsworthy schemes uncovered by a Southern Mexifornia fishwrap, as reported in the Bee :. Ronald L. Krimper, former vice president of Fullerton College, who San Bernardino County prosecutors alleged embezzled public money while he was vice president at Victor Valley College in Victorville. Authorities said Krimper formed classes and paid his then-girlfriend to recruit students, including Alzheimer's patients An investigation by [The Orange County Register] in found that 77 of the state's community colleges received millions of dollars in state funds by inflating enrollment figures with high school students who received college credit for team practices Alzheimer's patients?

Highway Patrol recruits? High School athletes? This is what happens when sovereign individuals lose control over their state's political hacks. Nobody respects money that belongs to somebody else. The taxpayers earn it, but the hacks piss it away, knowing they can steal more taxpayer money when they need it. Call it whatever makes you feel good 'the social safety net', or, 'providing essential services', but, when you strip this involuntary economic servitude down to its knickers it's a no shit mugging by gun-packing Nanny State thugs. The usual suspects are lined up - again - for a, screaming, hair-pulling, Lone Star brawl over the state's new health textbooks. Both sides know what they want Both sides are prepared to defend their educrap notions, to the bitter end.

The evil secular scum demand that the textbook aid and abet "age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education that includes information on abstinence, birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV" Chronicle. That sounds reasonable to this pagan, but the pious peabrains have other ideas. The pious peabrains thunder that the only "age-appropriate" sex education promotes abstinence, period.

Teaching abstinence only is asinine, but it isn't, necessarily, an unreasonable expectation. Each side is entitled to demand that its children be taught what they want them to know. The problem, as usual, is that our one-size-must-fit-all, compulsory, government cess-schools can't be all things to all people. This problem won't be resolved, to everyone's satisfaction, until we dump mandatory government educrap like a bad habit and allow the marketplace to fulfill the educrap consumer's mutually-exclusive needs. How many times must I repeat this, before somebody pays attention?

They rejected the over-hyped 'v' word, vagina, because its Latin transation is "sheath for a sword". Too warlike, they claim, as if anyone believes that. Cunt was chosen for its shock value, and it worked. For those who wonder what, exactly a Cunt Club perpetrates, wonder no more. According to this Front Page Magazine article, they're having big time fun:. This involved organized activities aimed at helping c-clubbers find their clitorises. They also handed out vibrators on campus, held a sex toy workshop, and brought a masturbation expert to campus. Members also came up with a "vagina-licious song" and co-sponsored a "vagina art party. The Cunt Club is an honored fixture on the Wesleyan University campus, one that, invariably, receives kudos from the administration and the campus fishwrap.

As thrilling as that must be for all concerned, I wonder how these eggheads would react if some highly motivated dudes decided to "reclaim" the mail 'c' word and formed The Cock Club, a group whose motivating tenet would be "making sure that men's bodies are safe and sacred, getting a dialogue going on campus, and having men know how to be pleasured and to pleasure themselves"? Is this all Ivory Towers have to offer? Is Higher Educrap so goddamn bankrupt that teaching womyn how to wank is now a core subject? If your offspring is poised to enter some Ivory Tower, I strongly suggest that you make your choice very, very carefully, because Ivory Towers, by their very nature, are no place for a rational individual seeking intellectual enlightenment.

The 3rd U. Court of Appeals just shot down a Pennsylvania law that requires all government cess-school inmates to start their school day by standing to recite the pledge. The pledge itself wasn't deemed uncool for school, but the mandatory participation requirement didn't pass judicial muster. This shouldn't be breaking news, since a U. Supreme Court ruling settled this compulsory participation matter. The clown who wrote Pennsylvania's law knew this State Rep. Allen Egolf, a Cumberland County Republican who introduced the legislation early in , argued that the parental-notification provision would be the factor that would make Pennsylvania's law legal despite a U.

Supreme Court ruling that no one can be forced to salute the flag or recite the pledge Believe it or not, this law isn't dead, because state officials are mulling an appeal to the U. Supreme Court. If these pledge bonkers government clowns think this pledge crap is the most important cess-school issue in Pennsylvania, they should be fired, right damn now! They're graduating functional illiterates who can't read, write or compute and all these government payroll retards care about is forcing these cess-school victims to stand and recite the pledge.

This pledge bovine excrement is more than asinine. It's a time-consuming distraction. It's expensive and, it doesn't do a damn thing to instill useful knowledge in Pennsylvania cess-school inmate minds. It's time for Pennsylvania - Amerika - to wake up and smell the abolish mandatory, government cess-school educrap coffee. Groveport, Ohio's Glendening Elementary School decided to outlaw fun, because certain classically 'Amerikan' festivities give certain unnamed cess-school inmates a boo-boo on their fragile psyches.

The following cess-school activities are henceforth banned in this Buckeye State educrap blight: Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day parties. Blah, blah, blah. This has nothing to do with test scores or academics. It's all about the be-all, end-all of government educrap: boosting student self-esteem. Where, I ask you, are those job postings for functional illiterates with amped-up self-esteem? When his "where the hell is the damn elevator" impatience reached critical mass, a dorm-dwelling, University of New Hampshire dude got proactive. Like most "it seemed like a nifty notion at the time" inspirations, Tim Garneau's scheme had unanticipated results: UNH officials banished him from the Ivory Tower's dorms.

In theory, his plan to speed up elevator response by reducing elevator traffic isn't fatally flawed. In theory , but reality is a terminally uncooperative bitch. He, obviously, didn't know that Korrectnicks have no sense of humor, or he wouldn't have done Garneau posted fliers Sept. But there is something you can do about it. If you live below the sixth floor, take the stairs. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also be saving us time and won't be sore on the eyes. Outraged UNH eggheads threw the book at Tim, charging him with 'lying to school officials, violating an affirmative action policy, harassment and disorderly conduct' Globe.

That easily, Tim lost his room and wound up living in his ride. Now, they're willing to overlook everything but "lying to school officials". Also, they're cool with putting him on probation, and promise to give him the next dorm room, when one is available. Unwilling to accept those terms, Tim continues to hang tough. For Tim's sake, let's hope it gets settled before Winter makes living in his ride hazardous to his health. When we know Proving how groundless their initial antics were, school officials dropped requirements for a mea culpa essay and diversity indoctrination classes.

The good guys defeat another Ivory Tower! Kudos to FIRE for another stellar victory. Kudos to Tim Garneau for hanging tough. Everyone is calling it asinine - plus, other, more colorful things - including, curiously enough, Wiccans themselves. In fact, the Wiccans are sounding refreshingly rational about it. We don't particularly care for the images of witches but there are a lot of stereotypical images that a lot of people don't like, but that's part of life.

People dress up as perverted priests, sexy nuns, drunken Irishmen, nerds, obese people, every group has its stereotype that is mocked or made fun of. Irrational to the bitter end, Puyallup Educrats continue to hang tough. That stench wafting up from this rain-soaked cess-school is the aroma emanating from unused Educrat gray matter rotting away. Am I the only one who wonders why anyone would trust these morons with the education of their offspring? I doubt it. A Georgia Educrat [Katrina Ann Rucker] Emerilized a parent teacher 'meeting' into a brawl when she attacked an elementary school inmate's mother, breaking the woman's nose in the process. Did someone impose WWF cage match rules on parent-teacher meetings when I wasn't looking? Apparently, because this fist-wielding teacher went bonkers on the kid, too.

The student's mother told police that she went to the school to give her daughter a note and met the crying girl, who told her Miss Rucker had thrown her book bag into the trash. She said that when she pulled the bag out of a wastebasket, Miss Rucker tried to take it away from her, then knocked her down with a chair and began hitting her The 'authorities' are making noises about charging Katrina 'Rock 'em, Sock 'em' Rucker with battery and cruelty to children, but I'm not buying it. I'm guessing that, guilty or not Georgia tax payers must be thrilled spitless with this best two out of three falls example of their educrap dollars at work. The dispute centers on the Ivory Tower's non-discrimination policy and its implications for this on-campus Cross Cult cabal.

At stake are access to student activity funds, campus bulletin boards, events calendars and 'other official outlets'. The school's policy is very clear: it 'requires equal treatment regardless of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation' Chronicle. The sticky wicket, these Cross Cultists explain, is that this asinine, 'ya'll come' policy, deliberately, violates the Christian Legal Society's core beliefs:. A "statement of faith'' signed by all members requires them to accept "orthodox Christian beliefs based on the authority of the Bible,'' the suit said.

This includes the view that the Bible prohibits homosexual conduct A shyster from the 'Alliance Defense Fund nailed it when he asked: "What's next? Will they require a vegetarian club to admit meat-eaters or a Democratic Party student group to admit Republicans? Will UC eggheads buckle under like their Buckeye State counterparts, or will their militant Marxism make them defend the indefensible to the bitter end? When I know, you'll know That's right, it's "stay tuned" time in the pagan scribbler bunker, again. Item 1: A school district in that rain-soaked, liberal, Eden Puyallup, Washington thrilled rational adults spitless when they banned government cess-school, Halloween festivities, because, tykes dressed up as cartoonish witches give Wiccans a boo-boo on their fragile psyches.

Such costumes are deemed 'derogatory stereotypes', in case they ask at the trial. Like I care In case you live in a civilized part of Amerikan - and not the Northeast - this slogan is borrowed from a similar Boston Red Sox slogan: "Yankees suck, Jeter swallows". Item 3: Duke University's student fishwrap, The Chronicle, has Torah True Believer panties in a bunch after a columnist exercised his free speech rights by opining:.

Blissfully unaware that she substantiated the columnist's notion, Rachel Solomon president of Duke's Freeman Center for Jewish Life' , condemned the column as "deeply offensive", and demanded an investigation. If this is an example of Ms. Solomon's critical thinking, how the hell did she get into an Ivory Tower of Duke's caliber? Terrorists are people. The only way to eliminate Islamic terrorism would be to end the Islamic religion. The only way to eliminate Christian terrorism, would be to end the Christian religion. The only way to eliminate terrorism, would be to eliminate people. A properly-hyphenated student named Prabhath Shettigar went postal, got in the professor's face, and was, subsequently, shown the door.

It's no shock that this whiner went running to school officials and filed a complaint. What is a tad amusing is the fun fact that, in addition to being a licensed shyster, Mr. Shettigar is a dot head Hindu , not a Mecca Maniac. Although an investigation by school officials absolved Mr. Forcing Beckley to apologize for the misunderstanding isn't good enough for them, because, they won't tolerate anyone discussing certain unpleasant truths about their beloved supernaturalism.

CAIR's motto seems to be "If the truth hurts, suppress it, permanently, by any means necessary: intimidation, lawsuits, or the ultimate Mecca Maniac weapon An 8-year-old government cess-school inmate played zero tolerance roulette, and lost, when he took a - gasp! Has this third grade hoodlum no shame? Did he really expect the Educrats to swallow his "I need it to spread my peanut butter and jelly" story? We're shocked, shocked, I tell you. We're shocked that King William County Educrats would suspend this tyke for something this goddamn petty. We're especially shocked that walking, Educrat, brain-farts threaten the tyke a year in 'disciplinary classes'.

If Nicholas Heath's butter knife is the biggest problem facing King William County cess-schools, life is good, so, these Educrat asshats should sit down, shut the hell up and leave Nicholas the hell alone. Keep your chin up, Nichols. The primary reason these asshats are Educrats is because nobody would offer them a job cleaning port-a-potties in the real world. The government payroll is all that stands between your Educrat tormentors and well-deserved "Do you want fries with that" obscurity. Things started to go wrong for an Empire State hormone gorilla named Joshua Phelps when, after participating in a Civil War battle re-enactment, he tossed his uniform and 'replica musket' in to the back of his truck.

Blissfully unaware that a zero tolerance adventure stalked him, our young hero went to Pine Bush High School where an alert security guard spotted the musket and went postal. Before he could say "What's your damage,dude? When will zero tolerance bonkers Educrats pull their heads out of their fat, public payroll asses? Never, unless some rational adults start administering a high volume, in your Educrat face reality check.

Sad story, Joshua: you're the latest poster dude for this zero tolerance brain-fart epidemic. Afterthought If these Educrats had half a brain, they'd realize that a musket is a far cry from an assault weapon. Reloading a musket is such a hassle that, even if some moron tried to terrorize a school with it, he'd be lucky to get off one shot, if that. A hormone gorilla's stupidity on steroids, brain-fart landed the year-old Muskego Wisconsin cess-school inmate a starring role in this, asinine, zero tolerance adventure.

For giving his ex-girlfriend a wedgie, after classes, he got busted - handcuffed and carted off by the cops - and now faces charges for - I am not making this up - fourth-degree sexual assault. Sexual assault Zero tolerance is running amok in government cess-schoolville. What's next, declaring that ubiquitous playground prose like "All girls are icky" is "hate speech"? Those readers who don't comprehend how a wedgie gets transformed into sexual assault need not feel like the Lone Ranger.

It doesn't compute for me, either. Maybe a few details will clear it up:. The girl, 15, told authorities that the boy pushed her up against a locker, put his hand down the back of her pants and pulled her thong up above the waistline of her pants, the police report released Wednesday says. The boy also touched the girl's buttocks, the report says. She told him to stop at least three times and said that the incident was both painful and embarrassing, the report says You bet.

A brain-fart that deserves some, official, cess-school retribution? Oh, hell yes. Sexual assault? Not in this, or any other lifetime. Whatever the Muskego High School administration is smoking is much too good to squander on mere Educrats, but even a 'drug dependancy' won't excuse this Draconian over-reaction by all the proper authorities. The educrats at Mary Ingles Elementary Kanawha County, West Virginia Emerilized the familiar fund raising schemes when they sent the tykes home packing Avon catalogues that contained 5 pages of revealing lingerie ads.

Faster than you can say, "booty", the bovine excrement hit the proverbial fan with a resounding "splat". One especially perceptive parent sized up the situation perfectly:. He came home with a paper that told him how not to threaten girls, and telling him not to draw sexual pictures. But this? This is R-rated. At least one school board member gets it, too. He pointed out that the same educrats who deemed this catalog okey dokey to hand out to 10 year olds would invoke zero tolerance if the same tyke got caught with it, in other circumstances. The newest VRWC [vast right-wingnut conspiracy] cause celebre centers around a fifth grade, Mexifonia school teacher who got slapped down by his cess-school's principal for using the Declaration of Independence, "The Rights of the Colonists" by Sam Adams plus a W Day of Prayer proclamation.

The school says the teacher is injecting god into the classroom and that's a no-no. In a heartbeat, the teacher dished up a shyster drama accusing the school's top Educrats of violating his First Amendment rights through their "blatant censorship of the writings of great men because they mention God or Christianity" Bee. This fiasco also gives Hannity, et al, a golden opportunity to beat up on the blue state lefty horde that infests Mexifornia in general and Northern Mexifornia in particular. On this glorious, can't we all get along, day, students are banned from eating lunch with their homies. Instead, the Educrats in the participating schools put on their social engineer caps and assign each student a lunch table with someone who isn't in their usual government cess-school clique.

Although it's never stated explicitly, this smells like 'torture the oppressor day' in government cess-schools. All the time these well-meaning Educrats spend organizing this one-day-a-year social engineering escapade would yield much better results if they spent this time teaching Buffy, Muffy,Biff, Chad, Guadalupe, Chang and Jamal how to read, write and compute. The last time I looked, I didn't see the marketplace clamoring for socially engineered idiots with self esteem, either. You're not being paid to be social engineers, Educrat scumbags.

You're being paid to teach. Isn't it about time you got down to business and instilled some meaningful knowledge in your captive audience? Don't make me come over there. After a 7-year-old wench broke her arm playing dodgeball, she did the Amerikan thing and sued the school. Believe it or not, a New York appellate court just gave her shyster assault its seal of approval. This is especially important, since the lawsuit in question didn't cite the cess-school for "poor supervision". Instead, the wenchlet's lawsuit asserts that dodgeball is so inherently unsafe that the school is remiss for allowing tykes that young to play this popular schoolyard game.

Dodgeball was already in the nanny nitwit bull's-eye, before this wenchlet whined about her boo-boo:. Some schools in Maine, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts and Utah have banned dodgeball or its variations, including war ball, monster ball and kill ball. Dodgeball provides "limited opportunities for everyone in the class, especially the slower, less agile students who need the activity the most.

When, exactly, did Amerika turn into a nation populated by spinless wimps and Nanny State whiners? What's next on their 'egalitarian' agenda? Should we ban yo-yos because this one player at a time pastime isn't "inclusive"? Must we ban basketball because taller players have an unfair advantage over vertically-challenged players? Maybe we should outlaw notebooks because some accident prone tyke might get a paper cut.

Where does this crap end? The whining asshats who perpetrate reeking bovine excrement like banning dodgeball won't be satisfied until childhood itself is outlawed. The time has come to tell these whining mutants to shut up and sit down. Theocratica's [the state formely known as Virginia] homophobic, holy roller horde goose-stepped back onto this pagan's vaunted news radar with their tantrum about gay-straight student clubs in the state's cess-schools.

GLSEN's fuzzball, can't we all get along, prattle sounds real enough to this pagan, but foaming at the mouth family values fanatics detected darker forces at work:. Those groups lead children to experiment with potentially fatal sex practices that spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Black] Washington Times. Contrary to supernaturalist myth, homosexuality isn't a contagious disease. If family values tykes aren't wired GLAAB BAAG from the get-go, they're not likely to bound through the front door with a "guess what" thrill for rigidly righteous righty mom and dad.

Bottom Line on Gay Straight Clubs: Since there's no coerced participation and no excessive tax dollar infusion, these clubs do no lasting harm to cess-school inmates. Wake up and smell the government cess-school coffee, true believers. Having your tykes act civilized to their differently-sexual classmates isn't going to scar the brats for life. On the other hand, your spawn incurs lasting, severely crippling damage, on a daily basis, from the lefty Educrats running government schools.

Where's The Beef? Ironically, in addition to campus upgrades, the court order's purpose is 'to attract white students to a historically black TSU' Tennessean. Dunn said it was important to look at TSU's attempts to attract white students over the past 20 years. In the same period, he said, the minority black populations at Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee's Chattanooga and Knoxville campuses have increased. He said the black population rose from 4. This affirmative action in reverse gives whitey a 'leg up' when applying to an Ebony Tower? That's this pagan's idea of a very bold new concept. As much as I hate affirmative action - in any flavor - it's not the key issue here.

As long as a school is funded by looted taxpayer greenbacks, Ivory Towers must accept all scholastically qualified students, regardless of their pedigree, no matter what it does to their 'diversity'. State Representative Dunn's antics are amusing, and then some, but like race card wielding Ethnocrats, he's tilting the wrong windmill. If he wants to do something to improve higher educrap, he should do what he can to privatize Amerika's Ivory Towers. The sooner the state cuts the money umbilical, the sooner Amerika's colleges and universities can stop indoctrinating and start instilling knowledge.

West Covina Southern Mexifornia Educrats took zero tolerance to insane levels when they suspended an year-old inmate for 'doing "dangerous" cartwheels and handstands during lunch time' Local 6. San Jose Academy Educrats won't tolerate such behavior, so they tossed Deidre Faegre out on her cookies. Our gymnastically-inclined heroine will be home schooled until her parents 'find a more "reasonable" school' Local 6.

That works for me and it's cool with Deidre, too, no doubt. Is anyone shocked that "calls to the school went unanswered" Local 6? I didn't think so. Unanimously approved by the county's school board, the new sex educrap scheme perpetrates several memorable goodies:. The board is also considering a second video in which food-flavored condoms are discussed Condom demo? Food-flavored condoms? If that doesn't help the VRWC achieve orbital velocity, nothing else will. Believe it or not, the VRWC has a point. The lefty horde running Montgomery County's one-size-fits-all cess-schools has no right to force family values taxpayers to fund this over-the-top sex educrap.

It's just as wrong as smugly supernaturalist school boards that repeal science and impose Tome-based creationism in its place. File this epic under "one-size-fits-all educrap doesn't work". It never has and it never will. Marketplace based education is the only properly-constitutional answer. This rain-drenched Northwest fishwrap served up a three-hankie story decrying the shocking - to the usual suspects - fact that there's an alarming shortage of properly-hyphenated teachers.

The underlying, unstated, assertion opines that properly-hyphenated cess-school inmates 'perform better when taught be teachers of their own race' Times. Are integration bonkers, affirmative action addled, Educrats advocating that cess-school classes be segregated by race? Do they propose "black" classes taught by Melanin-Enriched teachers, "Latino" classes taught by Sombrero Stomper teachers, etc? Not explicitly, but it's the only way this proposed Educrap scheme achieves the stated goal: properly-hyphenated inmates taught, exclusively, by Educrats from their own race. Unwilling to face this voluntary, Educrat-perpetrated re-segregation notion, this Seattle fishwrap wrings its hands about the many hurdles keeping properly-hyphenated teacher wannabes down.

Is this high, teacher credential hurdle a dastardly oppressor plot? Hardly, and not even this lefty fishwrap goes there. In fact, they don't touch the real culprit, but I will. Teaching credentials are perpetrated, entirely, at the NEA's behest. They, deliberately, set out numerous hurdles to make sure that only "properly indoctrinated" mutants get the nod. Someone who has the skills and knows the subject matter need not apply, because they're no shit not wanted. The mosting telling tidbit comes from 'Beatriz Clewell, who led a federal review of teacher-recruitment programs at the Urban Institute, a Washington, D.

They're able to help students make the bridge from their home culture to the school-learning culture. And there is some limited research now showing that having a teacher of color increases [minority] student-achievement scores. Translation: Terminally lefty, Korrectnik white Educrats view inmates as a "race", not an individual. They perpetrate the markedly racist axiom: all [insert any properly-hyphanted group] think alike and their knowledge, truth and reality differs from that of every other properly-hyphenated group. This fetid notion isn't a recipe for education; it's a recipe for racially-motivated indoctrination.

Political discourse reached a new 'low' when a Fort Lewis College Colorado egghead, Maria Spero, kicked a student because he wore an Elephant Clan shirt. While grabbing a nosh at an off-campus eatery, the part time college instructor took one look at Mark O'Donnell's shirt - it read "Work for us now What happened to that Ivory Tower egghead mantra about "a free exchange of ideas"? In her defense, Ms. Spero did express her regrets Spero opined that:] "she should have kicked me harder and higher," O'Donnell said This poster wench for Ivory Tower tolerance got apologetic, for real, after her victim reported her to the Ivory Tower and made noises about pressing charges. Among other things, she noted " I did not know you and that you are a Fort Lewis student" Post.

Is this wench saying that it's cool to physically assault a political foe as long as he, she, or it isn't a student at her Ivory Tower? Bold new concept. The essential lesson here is that emotionally-induced violence is this egghead's first response, when someone serves up opinions that conflict with her own political delusions. Her reaction tells you all you need to know about the Ivory Tower egghead mindset. Ivory Tower eggheads love free speech, as long as you tell them what they want to hear.

That hardy class of men, the coarser, stronger fibre of civilization, was not only useful, but absolutely indispensable. Their like never was before, nor can be again. The conditions which required the hard, dangerous service which they performed, have passed, never to return. The smoother grooves and easier lines on which we move today demand qualifications so varied and changed that, in our haste to keep up with the march, we almost forget that there ever was a race of pioneers, our forefathers, who lived in cabins and, with flint-lock guns, freed this land from the bondage of kings and wrested the wilderness from the dominion of barbarous savages.

All honor to them. Their manhood and sterling virtues in life can never suffer by comparison with their successors. Uncrowned heroes and heroines they were. Though most of them sleep in graves unmarked with stone or bronze, we can do them the more enduring honor of passing their names and deeds down to future generations on the brightest pages of our annals. Benjamin Cox moved to Indiana, where he closed his life at an advanced age. The next entry in Center, after Joseph Cox , was the northwest corner, 48 acres. Sargent , Oct. For some years this tract was owned by Nancy Flickinger. Sargent built his cabin on the west side of the street, in Plain, where he also owned land. Twelve days later, Nov. In the following spring, April, , Phillips brought his family, wife and six children, out from Stark county, coming by the way of Fremont, then Lower Sandusky.

When he got as far west as Woodville with his outfit, consisting of a wagon covered with boards, and drawn by two horses and four oxen, Phillips left the road and followed the Indian trail up the Portage through the wilderness to the Cox cabin, being the first man to bring a wagon through on that route, now one of the best and most traveled roads in the county; he had taken the precaution to bring two good axmen, Jacob Phillips and George Hemminger , with him. The Phillipses were so well pleased with the location that Adam soon after bought more land.

Few persons who came into Wood county at that early day were better suited to withstand the deprivations of life here than Adam and Catherine Phillips ; both were rugged and determined; they were ambitious to have a prosperous home; their courage and hopes were boundless; everything in those first days looked bright; the bow of promise was great. Alas, how often that bow was to be overcast with clouds of discouragement - sickness, of destitution - almost despair; yet this was almost the identical experience at one time or another, of all who came.

Still there were few obstacles so great that Phillips would not find some way to overcome them. He was a medium sized, dark complexioned man with keen black eyes, hair long, and usually parted in the middle; he had a loud, clarion voice and though of limited education, he had a ready flow of language and when a bit excited would get off some startling figures of speech especially on religious subjects, which were always favorite themes with Adam. He had a striking resemblance to some of the published pictures of Lorenzo Dow. Phillips was in many ways as eccentric as Dow , and his peculiar appearance and voice would attract attention in any crowd of men. Pages might be filled with incidents, both laughable and pathetic, told about him by his neighbors.

One incident related, whether true or not, suggests how completely religious emotions took hold of him at times. It was at a period when the "Millerite" craze was being boldly promulgated, and a day had been fixed upon not far ahead, when the world was to be burned. Some of the zealous Millerites had been dinging the doctrine in Phillips ' ears pretty industriously until it had to some extent become a subject of serious thought to him.

One dark night about that time, as the story goes, the smoke house in the yard, where was stored the hams and bacon, took fire and the lurid glare of the rising flames soon flashed with blinding effect on Adam 's bedroom window. With a piteous deep moan he sprang out of bed, shouting, "My God, Catherine , the judgment day's upon us and my soul is unprepared; call the boys," and immediately fell upon his knees, half asleep yet, and began praying so loud that no further fire alarm was needed.

This story, enjoyed by none more than Adam's best friends, as told so often on him that it had doubtless like most stories, gained a little by the telling, but is given here in rather an abridged form. Phillips at once took a leading part in all improvements in the old settlement; at every cabin. When the great meeting was held at Ft. Meigs in , he, with his neighbors cut and hauled a buckeye log as Center township's contribution for the log cabin at the fort. Of dame Phillips , his wife it may truthfully be said, that she was a good second to Adam in all his worthy efforts. Besides the cares of a large family of children, she often had to feed from meal ground by her own hands in the mill, sold them by Cox , and also found time to do many generous deeds for her sick or otherwise needy neighbors.

Nine went from her door unaided, if it was in her power to afford relief. With this very inadequate sketch of the Cox and Phillips , the two pioneer families of Center, it will now be in order to briefly notice some others, who came early. Zimmerman and Adam Householder, who entered lands in Hixon entered his land in John Muir and William Munn made their entries in These random notes from the land books, comprising but the small fractional part of the original entries and of the names of purchasers, are given here as showing who the first comers were.

Most of these buyers named became actual residents on their land. Other early settlers, such as the Lundys, Klopfensteins, Andersons and others, not enumerated in the list, no doubt bought their lands of second hands. The chief purpose here is to show who the actual beginners were - a task not so easy after the lapse of three score years, when nearly all the actors have faded away in the corroding mists of time. Center township, originally six miles square, was surveyed by Samuel Holmes, deputy U. Surveyor, in , that is, the exterior lines were made. In the sub-divisions were run by S.

The county commissioners at their March session, , granted the request for a township organization, under the name of Center, and ordered an election of township officers to be held, on the first Monday of April following, at the home of Adams Phillips. At the time of this action, Center was a part of Portage and had been since June, , prior to which time it had been a part of Middleton, since that township was cut off from Perrysburg. When, in , Webster was created, six sections were set off to that township. In , on petition by the residents thereon, the south half of section 31, Middleton, was given to Center. The trails between the settlements, at first mere foot paths, indicated by blazed threes, were gradually converted into wagon trails, barely passable, by voluntary labor among those interested.

Some of these trails eventually became permanent highways, since they were usually located on the most favorable ground for the purpose. The first object of the newcomer after his cabin was built, was to get into road communication with the market, which in this case was Perrysburg. There lake boats landed regularly in the open season. The first wagon trail in Center, after Hull 's trail, was from Cox 's cabin up the Portage to Haskins ' trading place. That next was the Phillips wagon trail, along the Portage, from Woodville. IN commemoration of the new court house, united with the celebration of the national birthday anniversary, the 4th of July , proved a day that will long be remembered by the thousands who participated.

It was a day of oratory. Among other things Mr. Murphy said: "Wood county is the garden of Ohio. It is the parent of many of the counties of Northwestern Ohio. It is rich in soil, rich in intelligence, and rich in patriotic history. It has been the birthplace of ideas that have shaken the continent, and its soil has drank the blood of heroes, and been consecrated by the bones of patriots. It was here that a mighty party had its beginning.

It was here that America's greatest leaders assembled in convention, Ewing, Harrison and Clay, and Ohio's black son, Tom Corwin , all of them long since sleeping in their graves. The children of this county ought to be taught that it is bounded on the north by Perry's Victory, and on the east by the home of Gibson, and on the south by Fort Findlay, and on the west by the battle ground of Meigs and Miami. This county is greater in extent than any one of those famous states of ancient Greece. It comprises more territory than Chris! It is greater in resource, and richer in fertility and more splendid in production than the Holy Land seen in the beatific dreams and visions of the prophets, and promised by Jehovah to the Hebrew Patriarchs of old.

It has been redeemed by sweat and toil from the woods and the water. It has arisen as all things worth having arise, by conflict and sacrifice. Every achievement in this world represents sacrifice somewhere. James follows: "With what loyalty and devotion such a county should be cherished. May the summit of that new edifice tower no higher than your worth; may its foundations be no firmer than your convictions and truth; may the green and fertile soil of Ibis great county, on whose bosom it reposes, and which grows great harvests, be no richer than your long and lofty labors in the service of your country and mankind.

Then are you assured a fame which, mid the shadows of a century, will suffer no eclipse. Gibson , graced the occasion with one of his masterly efforts. Among many other good things he used this language: "This county was taken from the civil jurisdiction of Logan and at its organization in , its area covered more territory than many of the European kingdoms.

It contained less than five hundred people, and in eleven hundred, in less than six thousand, and in scarce ten thousand. For thirty years its progress was slow, and in the population was little over seventeen thousand. Though the savages were harmless and the frontiers were not disturbed by 'war's dread alarm,' the pioneer settlers in your county were confronted with hardships. No portion of Ohio presented such difficulties in its development. The adventurous men who came hither with their families to reclaim the flooded forests and water-soaked prairies, and rear their children, were and are the real heroes, entitled to our gratitude and admiration.

In war, the imposing pageantry of field evolution, the touch of dhows with comrades and the shout of battle thrill the soldier with confident enthusiasm, and he plunges into the deadly conflict heedless of all danger. But the Wood county pioneer, remote from neighbors, toiling to open a farm in the wilderness and support and educate his children, exhibited a fortitude and heroism sublime for high purposes and manliness. A remnant of those rugged adventurers, who led the way in reclaiming 'the wilderness and solitary places' of your county, have been spared to join in this great demonstration and share the festivities of this auspicious day. We greet them as winning heroes, who have earned the gratitude of coming generations!

The Democrat of April 18, The Democrat says:. At last an authentic list of "The Pittsburg Blues," who lie buried at Fort Meigs, has been obtained through the efforts of the society known as "The Wives and Daughters of the Boys in Blue," of which Mrs. Gaspers wrote the mayor of Pittsburg for information as to this list. This letter was referred to Mrs. Felicia R. Johnson , president of the Pennsylvania society, U.

It contains the names of volunteers famous as "The Pittsburg Blues," who fought under General Harrison. One of the three burial grounds at Ft. Meigs was assigned to the noted Blues, and there lie buried the remains of those who were killed in battle. Allison, D. Boss, J. Chess, Clark, J. Davis, J. Davis, R. McNeal, J. McMasters, N. Matthews, J. Maxwell, J. Marcy P. Neville [Pg. Allison, J. Deal, T. Dobbins, J. Dodd, A. Deemer, J. Elliott, A. English, N. Fairfield, S. Graham, H. Hull, Samuel Jones, J. Lewis P. Leorlon, N. McGiffin, O. McKee, T. Newman, E. Pratt, J.

Pollard, C. Pentland, M. Parker, J. Park, F. Ricards, W. Richardson, W. Richards, Robinson, G. Swift, S. Thompson, N. Vernon, C. Widner, J. Watt, C. Wohrendorff, G. Johnson , in writing Mrs. Gaspers inclosing the above list, says in part: "My own grandfather served under General Croghan and was with him at Fort Stephenson, and I presume at Fort Meigs, so my interest is personal as well as patriotic. Greves , of Cincinnati, is president. I do not known how they are working as they are rather new in organization, but will write them to help you if ever needed.

But one of his vessels effected amy winehouse siblings object, the Vitoria, under Sebastian Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study Cano, which reached St. A lot of action in this book, bringing The Story Of Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children closer together, getting to know each other. Many of Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study stars are just like the sun, though some Tower 31 A-Buckeye Jail: Case Study much bigger, much smaller, or otherwise different.

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